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Just curious who uses an Apple Watch in this group. If you do, post what you like to use it for. I’ll start.
I have a series 4 Apple Watch, which is 3 generations old. Below is the main things I use my watch for.
  • Make purchases using tap
  • open/close my garage door
  • current weather on my watch face.
  • Identify songs playing
  • remote to control my camera on my iPhone
  • remote to control my Apple TV
  • track my workouts and connects to Apple Fitness service
  • monitor my heart rate and notifies me if it gets too low or high
  • dictate messages using Siri
  • All my iPhone notifications appear on my watch so all I have to do is look at my wrist to see what’s happening. Instead of having to pick up my phone.
  • Last, but not least, view the time.

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Apple Watch series6, I got it to replace a sport garmin watch, so that’s my primary purpose. I also use it for previewing text messages and I take the odd phone call on it. I think the only app I use regularly perhaps is a metronome app. The rest, I tend to use my phone.
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