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Apple TV w Prime!!

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Nic surprise I dun need my Cable box realli anymore now that Prime has expanded. ??getting good
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Sorry, did you have a question in there? I didn’t really understand your statement with the question marks in it
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Sorry, did you have a question in there?

I read it as though they had just returned from some other planet, and their translation book is in the process of being created or they are suffering from a serious stroke, and they now have a recent Smart TV model and they just got a new Amazon Prime account that they just discovered includes Apple TV access, and I think the question marks are sort of asking how others using the same Prime service are
finding it with their recent Smart TV set, and not having to use their Apple TV device any longer.

Just a thought on my part...

- Patrick
That could be. I also read it where he just discovered the Prime app on their ATV box, and now don’t have to use their cable box anymore. It could also mean the Apple TV plus service, along with Prime.

As for Prime, I don’t think it is enough to replace cable tv (if that was what the comment was about). There are some good stuff on Prime, but I found other streaming services much better in regard to content. I also don’t like the interface of the prime app. The latest update is much better.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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