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For Sale

Apple TV 1st generation

$50 + shipping
$40 + shipping

Contact with your postal code for a shipping cost.

Apple TV (Original/1st Gen) Specs (Apple TV, MA711LL/A*, AppleTV1,1, A1218, 2123) @

Working. Good condition. No known problems or issues.

  • Model A1218
  • 40 GB hard drive
  • Supports 480p 720p and 1080i resolution video
  • Works on both modern widescreen displays and old CRT 4:3 TVs
  • Both wireless and Ethernet cable network connection options
  • Both HDMI and Component video outputs
  • Both stereo analog and optical Toslink audio outputs


Quality, sturdy construction. Unlike the lightweight, plastic boxes of later Apple TVs, this 1st generation model has good size, weight and a rubber pad bottom so it stays firmly in place when connected to cables. Newer Apple TVs are so dainty they get pulled around by their own wires.

Component video and analog stereo outputs allow it to be connected to older CRT TVs.

Works with its own remote control and many universal remotes, including the Logitech Harmony series.


Software no longer being updated by Apple. Software is available from other parties, however, if that is important to you.

Video and audio shared from iTunes computers in the house need to be in compatible formats to play.

Does not work with Netflix.


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