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...that the old six-colour Apple logo is the same colour hues as "Breakout" from Atari?

I know all you Apple geeks are all like, "Duh, Woz and Jobs designed Breakout when they were at Atari, stupid", which I knew already. But I didn't really put the logo and breakout together until I saw them side-by-each.

Check it out:

It's probably already listed in something like "Apple Confidential" or the "Apple Bathroom Reader", but I've read neither of those... maybe I discovered something. And maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot.

Anyways, back to work.


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ummm, I think they are the same because they are just following the basic colour layout/spectrum.
red + blue = purple, so its red,purple,blue
red + yellow = orange, red,orange,yellow
blue = yellow = green, blue, green,yellow
Sorry if this is widely known. ;)
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