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Apple releases Security update for Mac, iOS, and Safari

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The latest update is getting a lot of news today. The security vulnerability can allow attackers to take full control of your device. Info from Apple Support is here. Apple security updates

The latest versions are...
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SilentKnight checks to see if you have the latest Apple security update installed, and if you don't, you can download and install it right from within the program.

Well, I must say, it blows my mind as to why one would need a third party utility to check to see if one of Apple's most vital pieces of software is actually installed, updated, or not. That seems completely unbelievable but not unheard-of compared to some of their other, installed or not, software weirdness...

Is Apple actually unable or incapable to do any checking of their installation or update on their own supposedly critical security software??? Amazing if that is so...

Anyway, it's nice to know there's a free utility to do the checking if one needs...

- Patrick
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Randy, I'm not sure I understand this criticism. It's perfectly easy to continue to use Malwarebytes for free without hassles. It's a supported use case, and not one that we have any intention of ever changing.
+1. I completely agree.

If anyone has questions about what any Malwarebytes file is doing, just ask. I'll answer.
Thank you for your valid comments and welcome to forums.

And I have appreciated using your free Malwarebytes software, even long before it was called Malwarebytes, something like "Safe Mac" or "AdwareMedic" I think or some such name I can't really remember correctly. Anyway, definitely appreciated by myself and I am sure many others regardless of some commenter's comments.

No. They are not. Randy, please stop this kind of nonsense. Malwarebytes absolutely does not sell or in any other way monetize data from users.
I find it quite interesting, or should I say frustrating if not hypocritical, why and how some "free" applications or utilities are labelled as trustworthy by some while other applications are not, with no qualifications included or added regardless of judgement.

And in the same breath by the same commenters, if a developer dares charge a few dollars for his utility, such commentators suggest there is another similar product available that is "free", making it supposedly a better choice as being the implication. Strange.

- Patrick
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