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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by minnes:
Could you be referring to Pirates of Silicon valley?
A TV movie a couple years back about Jobs, Woz, Gates and co.
Did anybody see the jobs actor come out in Jobs place at a Macworld, cause for a few chuckles.

That's the one. Its not bad but it sure took some artistic liberties. They couldn't have chosen better actors though. Almost spooky how Noah Wyle looked and acted just like Jobs. Especially the scene where he interviews the IBM-type for a job @ Apple has puts his bare feet up on the table asks his is he's "A virgin". Bloody hilarious.

Anthony Michael Halls did a great job too on Gates. He's even got the Gates' patented "pigeon toe" walk down pat.

Should I even mention Ballmer and Woz?

The only real problem with this movie is the act that it ended terribly with the statement that MS now owns a part of Apple (1997). They really should do a sequel and showed what happened after this, particularly the iMac intro in 98 and subsequent happenings.

Here's the offical link to the movie site
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