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From the Calgary Herald:

We asked David Clark to unroll a string of associations in his interactive work A Is For

Apple. This is what he said:

"Well, Alan Turing committed suicide by eating a poisoned apple after he was convicted of 'gross indecency' for being gay. He was very fond of Snow White and used to recite the wicked witch's lines. He was a major cryptographer who helped the British decode the U-boat messages during WWII. It's suggested that the Apple computer logo is a homage to Turing; collapsing the bite ('byte' referred to in early advertising) of Turing's apple with the gay rainbow.

Other accounts have suggested that Apple was named by Steve Jobs in homage to The Beatles and their Apple Corps. (Two Beatle death clues here: a-paul . . . or 'without Paul' and Corps or 'corpse') When Jobs started the company, he was threatened with a lawsuit from Apple Records for copyright infringement. They settled when Apple Computers promised not to distribute sound. When Apple Computers finally included sound with their system operations, the first sound they used was a beep that they cheekily called Sosumi (So Sue Me).

Apple computers was also sued by Bob Dylan when they used the name Dylan for an operating system for the early handheld Newton. The irony is that Dylan is not his real name, it is Robert Zimmerman. John Lennon mentions this in his primal scream post-Beatles song God when he sings 'I don't believe in Zimmerman.' Zimmerman is the name of two famous cases in cryptography: the Zimmerman Telegram from the German Foreign Minister during WWI was decoded by British crossword experts and brought the U.S. into the war. Robert Zimmermann is the name of the person who released public key encryption onto the Internet . . . it goes on."
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