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I just got this nifty email:

Dear Apple Customer,

On April 10, 2003, Apple will be making some changes to its customer account system. Apple will unify login information across Apple ID and .Mac accounts.

According to our records, you have both a .Mac account and an Apple ID with the name '[email protected]'. (You have established an Apple ID if you have made a 1-Click purchase through iPhoto, purchased items from the Apple Store, or used the Apple Support site.)

Since your account names (User IDs) for your Apple ID and .Mac are the same, you will still use that account name. However, as of April 10, your .Mac password will become your Apple ID password and your old Apple ID password will no longer work.

Additionally, if your .Mac account included your billing information and your Apple ID did not, your 1-Click accounts are now populated with your .Mac billing information. If you'd prefer not to use the same billing information for .Mac and your Apple ID account, you can visit the Apple Store or iPhoto and change your 1-Click billing information at any time.

For more information, go to Support.


Apple Computer

It would seem that Apple is consolidating it's Store and dotMac IDs so you only have to remember 1.


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