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I realible source has mentioned to me that Apple Canada is launching a National Tour where they'll set up and showcase GB just as Jobs did during the KeyNote.

The goal is to basically showcase the app and all it's functions and functionality with the rest of the iLife apps, and likely attempts envigorate some sales (assuming of both h/w and s/w). The 'Garage to Grammys' tour (as it has been dubbed. They did not use Junos as they didn't think it would sound as nice :confused: ) is scheduled to start in March 21st I believe and run for 2 weeks.

Target markets are as follows:

Vancouver | Calgary | EDM | Winnipeg | Toronto | Ottawa | MTL | somewhere else, I forget.

The day long events will be taking place in local auditoriums/convention spaces. Look out for the notices near you. I'll try to get more details as they come. I should be able to get an itin breakdown by end of weekend.

BTW, iPod minis are apparently flying right out the door - as per Apple. So they're apparently fine despite what most would have determined a poor price point (as I did).

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