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Hello all.

I'd like to purchase a system and some software (namely FCP and DVD Studio - both academic versions) for my son who started university this fall.

Since he doesn't have a credit card, I'll be putting the purchase on mine. However, when going thru the edu store, I don't see a place for my son's name (just his university and student id).

Can we created an Apple id with his info (name, etc) and, when it comes time to pay for the order, is there a place to enter my name and credit card details?

I would assume this is possible as not all first year university students would have credit cards.

Any help would be appreciated.


Sign in under his name with his account at the Apple Store. Then, go through the education process and put in his Student ID/Number and click Continue. When it brings you back to the Apple EDU Store, select your products and check out. When it comes to the Credit Card page, simply use your name to pay for it via your Credit Card, but have the shipping address pointed to your son's name; therefore having different names for the Billing and Shipping address.

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Some credit cards make life difficult if you have a separate billing/delivery address. Amex for example wants you to pre-register the transaction (they are very good at doing it). My experience is that the Applestore by phone is the best way forward: ask them to approve the CC transaction there and then; if there is a problem, you can always use another card.
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