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Apple bluetooth keyboard non-pairable, new replacement unpairable?

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To replace an apparently non-working Apple bluetooth keyboard, I just received from my Authorized Apple repair service a new Apple bluetooth keyboard, since it was within the warranty of my MacBook. The older keyboard suddenly stopped pairing with my MacBook, although the MacBook continues to pair with several other peripherals, including bluetooth mice, and cell phones.

The new keyboard suffers from the same disease, perhaps: it gets recognized by the MacBook in the setup process, I key in the pairing numbers as requested, and then nothing, no actual pairing takes place, and the setup process informs me of such.

Is there something in the MacBook that would stop it from pairing with Apple bluetooth keyboards but allow it to keep working with other peripherals and devices?

One odd thing is that the caps lock button stopped lighting up on the old keyboard, and doesn't light up on the new one.

And yes, I've tried this with several series of matched batteries, both rechargeable and non-rechargeable, all high quality and tested and working for other devices. And they were placed properly, and pairing was attempted according to Apple's simple instructions.

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Try going through the Bluetooth section of the Apple support forums - there are a few other victims.
I had the same issue; got my keyboard replaced and the replacement works fine. I'd say try w/ another Mac, and if that doesn't work, request another replacement.

Edit: If you see the keyboard in the Bluetooth preference pane, try deleting it, then repairing.
No idea why, but the replacement keyboard paired in the store, and then paired at home and now works fine. Same steps, right through. It was suggested that my Sony rechargeables were weaker than alkaline batteries (1.2v instead of 1.5) but now that the keyboard is paired I bet they work for months.

Go figure.
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