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I understand Apple's retiscence to open a location in Canada. Our market is just too small compared to other countries. Look at the limited number of Mac resellers in anywhere other than a major city.

I live in Markham which is just outside of Toronto. If I want to go to a real Apple reseller I have to drive for an hour, fight for parking or pay an outrageous price for it and then turn around an hope I don't hit rush hour for a two hour drive out. I say this only to point out how difficult it is to get access to Apple related products. To further this, my father wanted to swtich but couldn't find a Mac reseller within hours of his location so stayed with the PC.

Apple has decided that they need to have a presence in order to capture and maintain market. If they want to grow business in Canada they are going to have to something more than what they are doing now.

Lets hope they open up and get things moving soon with stores in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, etc and lets hope they figure out how to integrate the reseller into their business model.
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