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Appl Stock

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Anybody own/ed it .
Thinking of making the plunge and hoping riding our leopards widespread success.
I trade online so I dont have the benifit(sp) of a "broker" .
Any advice , stories .
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I think you might have been better off buying before the iPhone was released, since the stock jumped... but Leapord's release will certainly have some effect, too.
You should grab it before the Google/Apple merger. ;)
I got in at three points - $101, $111 and $120, and if I had the cash I'd grab a whole lot more. The lowest estimates for January 2008 are $135, but realistic estimates range from $160-$200. Yesterday's $6 jump took it's sweet time in coming, as it was the first significant increase in a few weeks.

I got started by creating a dummy portfolio on Google Finance, and then registered with Questrade (if you decide to sign up, please let me know). $4.95 trades, real time quotes, and good customer service by phone.
We should have bought it in 1996. And remember that it has split twice since then.
One of my clients and friends put his inheritance ( low 6 figures I believe) in at about $14 before the split.
Needless to say he's :D .....

The only downside if one can call it that is the continuing slide of the US dollar.
I dumped quite a bit into it at the end of April. I have gained 31% since then. It is not too late. I am going to dump more into it this week. It seems to always ride up going into the school year and last through xmas. With the iPhone and iPod (especially if they come out with a iPhone'esque iPod, it should soar going into xmas.

What I have done in the past is sell all my AAPL stock around mid January (during the xmas ride) and then buy again in April/May when it seemed to always drop significantly (20% or so). I would do the same thing every year and it has done very well for me. Although, I don't think that trend is going to carry on anymore. I think the iPhone and everything else that Apple is doing is going to break that. I will probably not sell for a couple of years unless I see another trend that tends to happen with the stock again.

It is not too late to get in. I will continue to put $$$ in my AAPL portfolio until probably Oct.
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I told my dad when the G3s came out to buy...he didn't listen!

I told him to buy shares in RIM when they were .50 cents a share...he didn't listen!

I was 21/22 at the time and was paying for school so I didn't listen to myself either...
Can anyone recomend an online broker that I could use as a first timer?

I'm interested in APPL but have no idea how to get started in buying/selling...
Remember: it worked for Forrest Gump.

“[Lieutenant Dan] got me invested in some kinda fruit company So then I got a call from him, saying we don't have to worry about money no more. And I said, that's good! One less thing.”
Can anyone recomend an online broker that I could use as a first timer?
We used eTrade to start our Apple share buying. Simple to set up, easy to track.
Normally, I'd be pretty leery about buying AAPL at this price level but I have a feeling that it's going to keep building momentum until the end of the year. Usually, there's a summer slump and, then, a good run-up during the fall and winter season as Apple catches the school buying wave. This year, though, the iPhone has really helped AAPL to bridge the summer slump. :clap:

I don't know if the hoped-for prices of $160-$200 will materialize but it would be great if they did appear!

As for a good online broker? I am consolidating both my investment account at TDWaterhouse and RRSP at Edward Jones into one account over at E*Trade. I was getting sick of the fees over at the former and sick of the MERs at the latter.
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