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Anyone using CS3 on MacBook Core Duo?

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And I stress Core Duo, NOT Core Duo 2.

Looking at possibly picking up a refurbished one but from what I've read, the Duo2 helps with Rosetta. Since CS3 is native, is there really a need to spend more for a mere 10-20% gain?
Mostly Illustrator usage, and the occasional InDesign/Photoshop work.
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On a Black MacBook 2.0 Ghz CD, with 2GB RAM, InDesign, Photoshop and Dreamweaver run extremely swiftly. hth.
Same thing on first gen MacBookPro
Same thing on first gen MacBookPro
Same here on my first gen 1.83 MBP.
define swiftly....

say you're working with a 11" x 17" CMYK and you do a paintbucket or a gradient.... how fast is it? is there any spinning beach ball action?

what actions take particularly long?
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