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I have recently noticed a process running called "usbmuxd"
its user is "nobody", and while it does not gobble up any CPU time,
I am curious as to what this is.
Several online threads are starting to think its related with the iPhone,
suggesting it was installed withiTunes 7.3.

Anyone know anything about this process?

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My google-assisted guess is it's related to iTunes 7.3:
According to Ask The Admin:
you update iTunes to 7.3, a PrivateFramework called MobileDevice.framework gets
installed in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks. Four applications are inside it,
aside from the library binary itself:,, reenumerate, and usbmuxd. These applications, from a
cursory analysis (i.e. strings :p), seem to have tons of debugging info left in
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