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I recently upgraded my macbook's internal hard drive from a 120GB 4500 RPM to a Western Digital Scorpio (black I think?) 500 GB, 7200 RPM. Everything on my computer seems to be running perfectly, and likely faster than before.

However, my video seizes up when streaming video on youtube, any other video site, or even playing videos on my computer. Sometimes I can go for half an hour (in a movie let's say) before it starts messing up, or sometimes I can't get through a 3 minute YouTube video.

When it's 'seizing up' the video feed freezes and the audio loops for a few seconds, before skipping a tiny bit ahead (as far ahead as it would've gone if it wasn't freezing) and starts skipping again like a broken record.

This problem was not an issue before I upgraded my hard drive, and the hard drive was brand new and shows no other symptoms of having issues.

There's plenty of space on my hard drive, and still happens when I close all other applications, and I have 3 GB of ram. I've tried repairing permissions, downloading new versions of flash, VLC, firefox, and system updates.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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