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Anyone draw comics here?

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So I was working on a comic book with someone, but he and I don't really speak anymore, so I have an unfinished comic book that I would like to get finished. Basically, I wrote it, now I need someone to draw it.

Here's the deal:

1) The text is complete and is mine, but I am not a comic book writer, so I need some help dividing things into panels and such. It was supposed to be a book and an 8-pager.

2) I'd love to have a fair amount of visual humour, but really, that's not my strength so I'm open to suggestions and may be willing to make text adjustments here and there.

3) This is sort of an absurdist anti-hero kind of deal. Basically, we have this evil guy with plans to take over the world, but then he lost everything in the divorce so he's now he's evil guy trying to take over the world with no resources.

4) I'm not looking to be the next indy comic genius here. I'd like to get it drawn and maybe print a few copies for personal satisfaction, but I'm not looking to publish and attempt to sell. That's not my world.

5) Yes, I will pay for this gig. No, I don't know how much. You tell me, I might agree with you, then we go from there.

If anyone is interested, or knows anyone who might be interested, let me know.
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one of our fellow ehmacers released his own comic book

here's his info.
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