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Any reliable USB Hubs?

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Am currently in need of a reliable 4-port USB Hub to plug into my 867 Tibook. Seems to me there have been issues with USB hubs and OS X and I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me alittle as to the good, bad and ugly of the USB hub world.

I think I read somewhere that the belkin hubs were somewhat problematic. Any others?

I'm assuming that a hub with its own power source would be more reliable, no?



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Keyspan is the one I trust with my USB peripherals. You might also want to consider a USB PCI adapter - saves a little cabling clutter.
I've used a powered Asante FriendlyNet hub for about 4 years and it's never given me any problems. It's always worked well with various iMacs and my MDD G4.
Yeah, Keyspan stuff is pretty high on my list for Mac/PC connectivity. We reviewed a 4-USB 2.0/3-Firewire PCI card from them, and it was just fantastic. Great build quality, good components, and I got USB 2.0 working fine in OS X 10.2.6 on a QuickSilver. I can link to the review if need be, but don't want to continually spam this board. If you ever plan to attach a USB sound device thru the hub, you may want to obtain a USB-sound compatible repeater hub. I think Macally has them. M-Audio's Sonica Theatre doesn't work thru USB hubs and need the hub to be 'sound ready'.
You might also want to consider a USB PCI adapter
TiBooks don't have PCI slots.
My Asante runs my eMac, iBook and my PC without any problems. Both macs running Jaguar, latest edition.
Thanks everyone, for the input.

Mississauga/Neil, I don'r recall seeing keyspan products at any bricks 'n mortar types lately. Know of anywhere I might find them?

Sinc, which Asanté product are you using? I saw a nice little 4-port Asanté product the other day but it was, how do you say, powered by plugging it into the computer, and I'm concerned about this type of hub being limiting as to what can be used with it.
"TiBooks don't have PCI slots." Oh yeah... doh!
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