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Another nice switcher experience

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This fellow seems pretty darn happy with his new Macs (yes, plural!).

Jen clicks on Photo Booth, and up pops a screen, displaying their 3 smiling faces in a window, captured by the webcam inconspicuously embedded at the top of the monitor. Laughter ensues as the three of them spend the next 15 minutes taking pictures of themselves in various goofy poses, and as Jen finds the built-in effects filter that distorts and colors the image in a variety of ways. They are having fun, and they haven’t read a single page of any manual or spent more than 2 minutes looking at the possibilities. This is exactly what I wanted out of their computer.
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... makes ya warm 'n' fuzzy all over, eh?!?! :)
Nice story... too bad it took him 14 years to realize this ;)
On that note, I see more and more people around me (colleagues, friends...) making the switch, and most of the time they are both
- tired of XP and endless issues with their PCs,
- less than impressed by Vista and the fact that you (almost) don't have a choice but getting it when purchasing a new PC,
- and that a Mac can now run XP... just in case ;)
I dunno, the story kinda smacks of a PC-bashing Mac lover, not a Mac newbie, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Or is it just the mind-numbing realization that he has wasted years of his life using a PC that is coming through in his commentary.

I am working on Outlook mail templates on the PC right now and not liking it. On the Vista box I can mail a web page and the results are better than XP [html retention], but you can't then save the HTML layout as an Outlook template in Vista - truly poor implementation.

Just cannot understand why 95% of computer users can possibly put up with such a P-O-S-OS.
It's weird how Vista seems to still be in beta and it's out for the public. Lame.

Macs tend to be more expensive now, to be honest. Not that much more expensive, but still more pricey, which is one reason out of many as to why people are still using PCs. It's all about familiarity and compatibility. The Mac is getting a lot better now, but some people have issues with change. Here is a really good of putting the differences between both systems, which I found at another community:

"When you switch from PC to Mac, especially with using iTunes and iPhoto, you have to stop thinking in terms of files and their actual folder location and start thinking in terms of the programs themselves being sort of portals through which you access the files and organize them extensively in terms of their metadata.

IOW, as soon as you import a song or photo, on a Mac you'll never again (most likely) need to worry about trying to find the actual file in its folder - if you need a copy of it somewhere, just drag-drop it from the app itself. You can organize your entire music/photo collection to the Nth degree in terms of all the metadata (date, genre, tags, title, album/playlist location, etc.), and its honestly a lot easier than dealing with the actual files directly. You kind of just need to learn to let the Mac's apps do the work for you, if that makes any sense. But the more you try and think of a Mac in PC terms and try to force it to work like one, the more you'll end up frustrated.

Macs are much more normal and 'organic' that way - what you actually want to do is look at a picture or listen to a song, not open a folder and double-click on an mp3 or jpg file. iTunes and iPhoto makes that possible and incredibly simple, but only if you learn to work *with* them rather than against them. If that makes any sense at all... you really do have to internalize a whole different way of looking at computing in order to "get" a Mac.
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that's an awesome way of putting it. thanks for posting that quote you found, jaline :)
It's weird how Vista seems to still be in beta and it's out for the public. Lame.
I have sold more copy's of xp since Vista came out, (that is, when I can't convince them to buy a mac, and I have had a lot of switchers in the last three months!)

Maybe there plan was to get rid of the overstock of XP software? That's the only thing that makes sense to me. :p
that's an awesome way of putting it. thanks for posting that quote you found, jaline :)
No problem.
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