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I got my MobilePre yesterday and decided to do a test run of lyrics for a song I am re-doing. It needs ALOT of mixing (Not to mention a Popper stopper, but that will come in a day or so when the roads clear up loL). Anyway, the Mobile Pre allows you to plug in XLR Microphones as well as instruments (Like a Guitar for instance)
Since yesterday was my first chance to play with this device, we are still working out how to get the imputs working properly and whatnot (I am not an audio person) but I tell you the different effects you can use when recording even a voice is amazing, we had so much fun with that (We spent more time playing with effects than figuring out the MobilePre loL)

Anyway, tell me what you think, but remember, it was a quick vocal recording and its not mixed at all loL (And I will have a girl re-do the chorus, it is being re-written)

equipment used
Rode NT1 Microphone (Sans Popper Stopper)
Apex Phantom Power Source for Mic
M-Audio MobilePre
GarageBand (Of Course!)

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