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Another camera help thread

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I am looking to buy a camera for my upcoming trip. I have narrowed it down to these 2... I think

Anyone use either of these? They both have good reviews, which one would you get and why?

Sony Cyber-Shot 8.1MP

Panasonic Lumix 7.2MP
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Well I cant comment directly on these 2 models but back in January we were deciding between the DSCH5 and the Lumix DMCFZ30. For our preference we chose the Sony. It felt a bit better in our hands. That model also only used 2 AA batteries which was great for out trip to Ethiopia.

Now the Panasonic probably has better reviews out there. The SD cards will be cheaper than the Memory Sticks. Overall I think both the cameras are pretty comparable.
I can't comment directly either, but a lot of people seem to feel that Sony took a step backward in image quality with the H7 and H9 as compared to the H5. Pay close attention to those samples...

As for the Panasonic, if you decide you want one and are prepared to spend a bit more, note that the FZ8 has been trumped (but not officially replaced) by the FZ18 announced a couple of weeks ago. Bigger range of focal lengths, more control over noise reduction and other settings, a few other new features. It's too new for in-depth reviews or real-world reports, but possibly worth checking out in the store?

As always, there's no substitute for picking them up and playing with them for yourself.
I seem to recall, from looking at Digicams a long time ago, that the Leica glass that Panasonic uses is far better than the Carl Zeis lenses Sony puts in its machines.
thanks for the replies, I am leaning more towards the Panasonic right now, a nice feature is it shoots raw and the memory cards are cheaper. I just saw this one at Best Buy, anyone used this:

Canon PowerShot S5 IS 8.0MP
Well I have decided to take spend a bit more money on a DSLR. I will be picking up a Canon EOS Rebel XTi 10.1MP tonight after work. I am pretty excited as I have wanted a DSLR for a while now. One question I have is what exactly is RAW? Should I be shooting in RAW format?
Congrats on entering the DSLR world! :)

Some info on RAW.

You don't have to shoot RAW. If you're new to DSLR shooting, maybe start with .jpegs and once you've learned the camera, start to tinker with RAW. Basically RAW files have to be downloaded onto your computer and "developed" with software (and they can then be saved as .jpegs after you have adjusted them to your taste). The results can be far superior to shooting in .jpeg format, and you have a far greater depth of adjustments available to you in RAW format, than in .jpeg.

When I got my Nikon D50 almost exactly a year ago I was daunted by RAW at first but once I started, I got used to it very quickly. I don't like shooting in plain ol' .jpeg format anymore.
thanks for the info on RAW. I will be using automatic settings to start while I am in Scotland/England, but will take the time to learn all the extra functions this camera has to offer. I will want to eventually buy a better lenses as well, but thats all in the future, this will be a nice step up from the compact digital cameras I am used to. Its a pretty good price to I think at $799.
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