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Annoucing my new MB 13"!! What now?

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I'm elated to announce my new MacBook 13" (MA701LL/A). 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo, 120GB HD, 1 GB Ram, BT EDR, AE.

This is my first Apple, and really haven't used one in the last 15 years, outside of my occasional drool sessions in the Toronto Apple Store. All I have to say is - SICK! I'm so happy to finally begin my journey away from Windows, though I'm quite certain I will be using Windows, work-wise forever.

I've managed to get all the updates suggested, via Apple/Software Update. Next I installed:
  • Office 2004
  • Toast 8 Titanium
  • Stuffit Deluxe (11)
  • Acrobat 8 Pro
  • iStat Pro (widget)

Next I'm securing:
  • Photoshop CS3
  • Lightroom
  • Visio

What else would you suggest is needed for basic PC use, editing images for a hobbyist photographer, who wants his images to look amazing, plus I want to get myself setup for some basic video editing? iMovie and iDVD maybe all I need for video now, as I don't have anything beyond my cell cam for digital video, today..

I'd really like to avoid scratching up the nice black finish, and otherwise plan to keep it clean. I'm reading through any review, thread or testimonial I can find on, cases/sleeves/bags, skins, port covers, keyboard covers, screen protectors, etc. What do I need to dress my MB up and head to Starbucks etc?

TIA for reading and helping me out

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I think I need some sleep. I read this as "12in. MBP"

Anyways, congrats on the purchase.

Adium - MSN/AOL/Yahoo/Gmail etc. chat client
SuperDUper or SIlverKeeper - Something to back up everything.

I've got a foof case for my MBP and it's great, very nice, high quality.

I'm so excited guys.

Both SuperDuper and SilverKeeper look like good options for backup. I'll have to figure out what I'm going to do for external storage, and review the two options.

Adium, hhhmmm, interesting. I installed MSN Messenger, and it's doing well for me. I don't chant much these days, but it'd be good to have an AIO app for that though.

I haven't heard good things about Firefox for OS X. But Opera, I have. Any comments?

Booq bags, they looks awesome. Good to hear yet another positive review. I like the minimal look of a sleeve type holder/transport. But I'm still struggling with how much extra crap will I want/end-up walking around with. Maybe I should go for a full case with pockets all over the place. Call me a boyscout, I just like to have extra things with me, just in case. haha.
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hey congrats on your new MB i have had my blackbook for just a week now it sooo sexxxxxxyyy.. i have been using F/ox since i used it on windoze and it runs just fine for me ...

i have a crumpler Skivvy bag .. but am thinking some neopreene bag aswell for added buffer zone
something like this The Apple Store (U.S.) - Marware Sportfolio Sleeve for 13-inch MacBook (Black)

Next I'm securing:
  • Photoshop CS3

  • First of all, congrats!
    But how well does Photoshop CS3 or any of the CS3 Suite run on a MacBook?
    I asked a salesguy at the Apple retail store why there wasn't CS3 on any of the MacBooks. He said, they don't recommend it.
I'd give Camino a try for the browser option. It's like a light version of Firefox.
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