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BlueArc CTO Geoff Barrall recently got so fed up with his PC that he gave a PowerBook a try, and hasn't looked back since.

Here is the article he wrote which talks about integrating his Mac into his corporate life.

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> If this article sounds somewhat like a paid advertisement, it's not intended to be so, and certainly is not the case. But, if like me, you have assumed for years that you could not do your job with a Mac, maybe it is time to look again. Sometimes it is important not just to Think Different™ but also to Be Different. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>



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Nice to be sure, but a sad comment how a "CTO" (chief technical officer) had never used a Mac until the day his PC crashed for the n-th time.

Having been a programmer, analyst, working my way up the ladder, I find that many "technical" people just don't want to try new things. I remember overhearing at a trade show many years ago, several "technical" people at the table next to me disccussing; "Why would I need a mouse?" , "The command line is all I need."

I could theorize as to why these "technical" people are not looking out for their company's best interest, but I would start to sound like a conspiracy theorist.

I graduated from U of Toronto, an IBM dominated domain. Somehow, by the grace of the Universe, I discovered Macs. I was put on a mission to get a PC based system for a particular use and after surveying the offering available in lat 1984 or early 1985 (my memory does fade), I realized that the Mac platform "thought" the way that people naturally did.

I am always astounded and amazed when I see "technical" people discover a Mac and its ease of use and reliabiltiy.

It always makes me want to ask them what they did at school. I always thought that schools were there to teach you think, and if you are lucky, "think different."

End of rant.

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