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hey there fellow Macintosh fans!
I know I'm new to the Mac OS and ehMac, but I've been a long time fan of Apple computers! Pretty much since I started working on computers, i knew Apple was for me.

I just bought a stock eMac 700 last summer when they first came out. (been working perfectly so far)
and a Pentium 133 also (if i knew all i know, back then...)

Does anybody here have a copy of Alpha Centarui for the Mac?
I've been having loads of problems with mine.
It plays in a boxed windows, and bad resolution, the picture is off, sound is always maxed out :(
I've tried running in both in OS X (10.1.5) and OS 9.2 I've tried the options button when you load it up, downloaded the patch and i still can't get it working properly!!

does anybody have any suggestions?
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