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Airport Extreme Base Station & USB Hub

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I know that you can connect a USB hub to the new Airport Extreme Base Stations. I was wondering if it would work if I connected a external drive that had a built-in USB hub. What I want to do it to connect the external drive that has the USB hub in the enclosure, then connect another drive and a printer to the hub that's with the first drive. Would that work, or would it be better if I just connect everything to a standalone hub and then connect that hub to the base station?
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It will likely depend upon whether or not the drive enclosure is providing power to the hub ports. If so, I would expect your suggested setup to work fine. If not, I think any devices plugged into the hub ports will need to be powered.

my2sense ;)
Well all the devices I plan on plugging into the enclosure's USB ports have their own power supply.
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