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I have a late model MBP (2012, proc 2.5 GHz intel Core i5) running Yosemite and a newly acquired Mac Mini (late 2012 model). I am trying to enable Airdrop between the two units. Not sure what i am missing here. Airdrop shows up on both Finder Screens. I checked the Security and Privacy Panel in both machines and found that the Mac Mini Panel for the Firewall is unpopulated, while the Firewall panel on the MBP is populated as follows:
-File Sharing (AFP,SMB)
-Printer Sharing
-Screen Sharing
all of the above have Allow incoming connections, which is what i want. So how do i enable these attributes on the mac Mini. I tried dropping a file onto the MBP Airdrop Screen and nothing happened. Still kind of new to Mac and am eager to learn more. I am slowly weening myself from M$ PC. Although i still like to fool with the hardware side.

Any help with the Airdrop problem is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.:)
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AirDrop doesn't work for me. When you click on airdrop on both mac, the other mac nearby should appear and you can simply drag you file to the other mac, then you will have to accept it. Nothing shows up on any of my devices. lol

edit: just tested again. works between my macs, but not on my iphone...
Our current equipment comprises a late 2014 rMBP, a 2011 MBA, and an iPad mini, retina.

When I Airdrop between the two Macs, I have to search for the “older” MBA separately as it does not appear automatically. Between the iPad and rMBP, Airdrop is via Bluetooth. It isn’t straightforward by any means, but it’s all do-able.
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