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Well, after years of waiting, Halo will be arriving in Canada on Friday. Toronto Apple Dealer Carbon Computing looks to be the first to get their hands on copies of the widely anticipated game, and will be hosting a Halo launch party on Friday, December 12th at 8:00 PM complete with an open LAN game, free pizza and prizes.

Halo, popular on the Xbox for some time now, is a sci-fi first person shooter. Players take action on a mysterious alien ringworld to do battle with a brutal alien collective known as The Covenant as they vie for control of the planet in search of artifacts that will help them win an interstellar conflict. In addition to an expansive single-player game, Halo has extensive multiplayer levels as well, with various game types to keep players intrigued.

It's been a very long journey for Mac users to finally see this day arrive. Halo was originally announced to run on the Mac & PC platform. The story began to get really interesting when Microsoft acquired Bungie studios in the Spring of 2000 to bring Halo for the Xbox. Bungie originally was a Mac only games developer and grew to huge success with classic Mac games like Pathways to Darkness and Marathon. It later developed games for both the Mac and PC.

Many Mac users where concerned that Halo would never see the light of day for the Mac. In March of 2001, ehMac got a chance to interview Alex Seropian, Founder and then CEO of Bungie Studios. At the time we asked Alex, "A lot of Mac users were concerned that after the Microsoft deal, we wouldn't be seeing as many cool games for the Mac from Bungie. Are you able to give us any good news in this regard or are decisions still being made? Is Mac Halo still a go?" To which Alex replied, "Yeah, but we're not ready to talk about release dates or anything like that yet."

It took until July of 2002, when it was officially announced that Halo would indeed be coming to the Mac. A year and a half later, we're finally going to be getting our hands on Halo. The system requirement for Halo are listed as:

Minimum: Macintosh computer with 800MHz G4/G5 or faster processor, Mac OS X v10.2.8 or higher, 256MB RAM, 32MB AGP Video Card (GeForce 2MX/ATI 7500 or better), 1.4GB hard disk space. Internet or LAN connection required for online play.

Recommended: 1GHz G4/G5 or faster processor, Mac OS X v10.3, 512MB RAM, 64MB AGP Video Card (GeForce 4ti-ATI 9000 or better).

The question will have to be anwered whether the anticipation is worth it and Mac users are still excited to get their hands on Halo, or whether it's simply been too long of a wait and they just don't care anymore. My hunch is, it will be the former.
There's a copy out there that will find it's way home to the Mac on this G4.
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