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Hey everyone. I have a new car and am thinking of putting in a sunroof. Mostly so that I can stand up and take pictures from a higher vantage point.

Anyone here have good or bad stories about garages, installations, leaks and drips, etc? Do after market roof units seal well? do they stay sealed? Other considerations?

I don't want to cause problems with my new car so I need to be 100% certain this is a reasonable thing to do.

Thanks all.

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Webasto Power Sunroofs

Webasto makes superior after-market sunroofs and have come highly recommended. They warrant their work against leaks and other defects, and the sunroofs they put in look factory professional. They also offer multiple different looking sunroofs (in-built, spoiler sunroofs, etc.). However, be prepared to pay a premium for their work. I was quoted about $2400.00+ for an in-built sunroof, including labor, plus taxes.
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