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Afghan counternarcotics minister resigns amid another huge poppy crop

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KABUL, Afghanistan: Afghanistan's counternarcotics minister has resigned only weeks after Afghan laborers finished cultivating an opium poppy crop that is expected to equal or exceed last year's record haul.

Habibullah Qaderi submitted his resignation to President Hamid Karzai about five days ago, Gen. Khodaidad, the deputy minister, said Sunday.

The resignation was voluntary and was driven in part by health problems, he said, though Qaderi has taken a new position in Canada as Afghanistan's consulate general.
Wonder if he's bringing any good stuff with him? :)
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Now that seems like a promotion: you can go to sleepy Ottawa (and I mean that in the nicest way, capital-city folks) and its pleasant soirées rather than be bombed and shot at by your nation's druglords.

You'd be foolish not to go.
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