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Strongblade wrote:
Second is a new technology called Hyperthreading. This allows the processor to act almost like 2 processors.

HyperThreading is an interesting bit of technology, but I think people have over-estimated the performance win it brings. A HT-enabled processor does not behave like two (otherwise equivalent) non-HT-enabled processors; our own internal tests show the speedup to be 20-30% compared (where dual processors would provide an 80+% speedup).

Now I'd like to see how a 2.53 or 3.06 GHz P4 stacks up against a 2.53 or even 3.06GHz G4. Even without hyping and tweaking the internals to match, the G4 will squeak ahead of the P4.

The problem is that Motorola can't produce a 2.53GHz (let alone a 3.06GHz) G4, while Intel can produce a 3.06GHz P4. The G4 might have a nicer architecture, but if Motorola can't drive it at speeds high enough to compete with the P4, then it's kind of a moot point.
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