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ADC student members and Mac/iPod promo?

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Does anyone know if ADC student members benefit from the "Major in Mac" promotion (i.e. buy a Mac, get a free nano)? I called Apple but nobody seems to know. If someone knows (or better yet, has successfully claimed the rebate), please post. Thanks.
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Ummm. If yo're an ADC student member, then you must be a student, no? If you're a student, then the promo applies. Unless I'm being particularly dense this afternoon....

I would say no. See point #2 on their FAQ: "You must purchase a qualifying Mac and a qualifying iPod on the same sales receipt or invoice from June 5, 2007 through September 16, 2007 using _Apple’s Education Individual discount_."

You're already getting a larger discount through ADC discount, not the educational discount.
Just as an update, I finally got through to someone at Apple who gave me an answer. Purchases from the ADC store DO NOT qualify for the free nano, but they should qualify for the $130 rebate on a printer.
Yeah, I kinda figured Apple wouldn't let ya do the ADC and the iPod. They'd really get screwed out of their profits if they let ya do that ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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