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Activating the iPhone

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So I'm finally getting an iPhone this week, and I was wondering what you all used to activate your phone out of the box. I've heard mixed reviews of jailbreaking using iActivator so I was wondering if they were a more reliable mac based solution?

As well, does activating the phone allow you to use all the options on the phone besides making calls?
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iActivator is no longer being updated - it has been replaced with INdependence.

Check out this site, I just found it and it seems to be pretty informative, also giving the links to INdependence, etc. Hack the iPhone - Mac users read this before doing any hacking on the iPhone!

It also gives instructions for both mac and pc users...
i'll check it out, thanks!
INdependence - The iPhone Dev Wiki Seems to have a lot of info on it as well. Probably the program I will use to jailbreak now that iActivator isn't being updated.
is jailbreaking activating the phone? or are those two things different?
Two separate things, once you have "jailbroke" it, it always you to Activate. The INdependence tool however gets you set up to do both. Jailbreak basically means you are taking it out of its "read only" state and then you activate it to get it out from AT&T's clutches!
ah excellent, removing it from the clutches of evil, and eventually bringing it to the clutches of canadian evil ;)

clear your PM's your mailbox is full
INdependence works very well. Follow the instructions that come in the dmg and you will have no problems at all.
INDependence works well. A tip if I may... if you're at the ACTIVATE point, and you get an error. Quit INDependence and than try again. It should work.
i can't seem to get lockdownd onto the phone

how do i do it using independance? my phone has been jailbroken and activated.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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