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Hi everyone,

New to the forum, and I see there's some truly tech-savvy people here! (reading repair/diagnostic threads on this display).

My unit goes as far providing a steady glow from the pilot LED, with different power supplies swapped out. We'd like to open the unit up this weekend, and draw from other's experience posted on this forum*, with a quick session of fault tracing.

Does anyone know where a schematic for this unit can be found?

(Side story - a local authorized Apple re-seller in the DC area cheated me out of covered repairs - the unit sat in his shop, unattended, until the extended Apple Care finally expired. I have the unit back, eyes forward.... )


* I see quite a few success stories with going straight to the voltage regulator (TO-220 config) with 3.3 v output. I will have one ready, just in case...
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