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Alright...well my MBP is literally 3 days old. To date, I have simply restored my old photo's, music, documents and tried importing my old e-mails(not having luck yet, but i'll figure it out) Also installed ialert, transmission, epson utility.

When I put the machine to sleep, it still keeps on running. When I open the lid, it goes to sleep. I close it again, falls asleep and within 5 seconds wakes up again, the dvd drive spins a bit, fans are on...i re-open lid, it falls asleep.
I repeat the process same thing occurs. Finally, i decide when i open it and it falls asleep, i'll simply wake it up (pressng the keys, monitor brightness button). I wake it, put it back to sleep and things are fine. It's not just one occurance, it's usually what happens when i try putting it to sleep. If the above does not occur then the below does.

The other situation i'm occuring, i'll close the lid, it will go to sleep, but not before making about 5 or 6 deep beeping noises.

Programs running: msn, safari, mail, maybe transmission.

Why is my comp. doing this? Oh...the other way i can put it to sleep that works is if I do it manually. I never really had any issues though on my PB.

Please advise. MBP is 3 days old as of this post.

[UPDATE] if i close all programs, it will fall asleep about 15-20 seconds after i close the lid. Sometimes if it does beep, it will only do it once. Sometimes with programs running, it will go to sleep just fine(takes 15-20 seconds) I can't figure out why it is so random. I've tried plugging and un-plugging the power chord as well, can't figure out a pattern.
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