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I've been invited to go on a cruise down in the sunny
caribbean for a week in October (I'm not rich...My
girlfriend is cashing in her travel points).

My question is...
How light should I travel with my laptop?

As a reference...
The items I have are:
A lombard 333 mhz/384 ram/5 gig internal drive with a
10 gig media bay module with OSX 10.1.5 and a CD
rom media bay module.
An external USB 2.0 CD-RW with a PCMCIA 2.0 USB card.
A PCMCIA compact Flash card reader.
A Kensington Saddlebag laptop case.
A Minolta Dimage 5 Digital camera with 2 sets of nimh
batteries and universal charger, A quantity of flash
cards and lots of cable connections with a Mini Lowerpro case.

I'd like to take a lot of pictures, But I'd also like to have a
fairly decent digital darkroom to empty the cards into.

What are some of your experiences?
Was it hard to declare your stuff before departure?
What should I take?
What should I leave behind?

If I take all of the above listed items...
Is that too much to declare?
Should I take copies of the receipts or should I take the
original receipts of the above products to prove they are
mine when I return.

Dave :cool: :eek:
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