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I've been invited to go on a cruise down in the sunny
caribbean for a week in October (I'm not rich...My
girlfriend is cashing in her travel points).

My question is...
How light should I travel with my laptop?

As a reference...
The items I have are:
A lombard 333 mhz/384 ram/5 gig internal drive with a
10 gig media bay module with OSX 10.1.5 and a CD
rom media bay module.
An external USB 2.0 CD-RW with a PCMCIA 2.0 USB card.
A PCMCIA compact Flash card reader.
A Kensington Saddlebag laptop case.
A Minolta Dimage 5 Digital camera with 2 sets of nimh
batteries and universal charger, A quantity of flash
cards and lots of cable connections with a Mini Lowerpro case.

I'd like to take a lot of pictures, But I'd also like to have a
fairly decent digital darkroom to empty the cards into.

What are some of your experiences?
Was it hard to declare your stuff before departure?
What should I take?
What should I leave behind?

If I take all of the above listed items...
Is that too much to declare?
Should I take copies of the receipts or should I take the
original receipts of the above products to prove they are
mine when I return.

Dave :cool: :eek:

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As a photographer I find the best way through customs is to take the time to type an equipment list with all the pertinant numbers and names. Take the list and the equipment up to Canada customs before hand. They'll check it and give you green cards and stamp your list for you. Even when I get shuffled into the "Let's check this guy out" line its always smooth sailing. And you only have to do this once. Only thing is I can't remember how long it's good for.

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I have never had to produce any list to Customs in all my travels. This year I've made over 10 trips, many of them multi-segment trips through more than one country. Customs will not trip on used equipment. They may if you have something that looks brand new. YMMV.

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It is well worth taking expensive equipment, jewelry, etc to Customs before leaving. My brother worked for customs, and I can tell you that they can be real pricks if they are in a bad mood. I've had the linings torn out of my suitcase, and I've seen women have fur coats cut into 3cm wide strips.

As for what to take on the cruise, I don't think you are going to need a CD burner are you? I would take a bootable disk as back up in case of drive problems.

Make sure that you have the right power plugs!

Make sure that the laptop is fully charged before you get to the airport. Take the machine through security with it already booted up. They look to make sure that you are not sneaking 6 pounds of plastic explosive in a nice laptop case.
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