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My good friend Joe was robbed on the week-end. Here's the message he posted on his FaceBook page:

Hello Everyone.
I'm sorry that I'm posting this in here but I need to get the word out to as many people as possible. On Saturday morning between 430am and 11 am someone broke into my house and stole almost $17000.00 worth of gear and personal affects.

Here is a partial list:

Brand new LG R405 laptop (Bought it onThursday afternoon)
Nikon D70 digital camera with 2 lenses
Nikon F55 film camera

Pearl drums - DLX - dark red
Sizes 8, 10, 14, 22 with a black snare
Sabian Cymbals (Lot's of them) in a blue cymbal bag
Hardware in a pink (Yes it's pink - was supposed to be red) wooden case
Smaller red flight case with:
DW5000 Double pedal
AKG D112 mic
AudioTechnica headset mic
SM57 mic
Smason tom mic
Sennheiser ew101 wireless system for microphone
Shure P2R reciever for in ear monitor ( I have the transmitter here at home)
Shure E2c earphones

Peavy Impulse 1015 speakers
AP3000 Amp
Soundtech 12 channel mixer
(Both Amp and mixer are in their own SKB cases)
Traynor Guitar Amp

There' s more but if you could all keep an eye out for this gear along your travels I would great ly appreciate it. If you see any of it or think you see any of it please call me at 416-712-8690 or the Peel Regional Police at 905-453-3311 and ask for 12 Division Theft department. They have the report.
They also stole my van. It's a grey(with blue bottom) 1989 GMC Safari. License plate AVLF 800. It's distinguishable by the 2 crome pipes coming straight out the back on either side of the trailer hitch.
Thank you all
Joe Bartello

Keep you eyes and ears open people!

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Wow, those thieves really had some serious time and space to load up that much stuff. Sounds like it's someone who knew your buddy owned all that stuff.

My heart goes out to him, but, um... the insurance question again? :yikes:

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Yah, sadly with an extensive list as that, and specific too, I would wager it was someone who knew of him or at least the equipment that he had.

My brother had returned home from playing in the early hours Friday/Saturday and left his equipment in the singers truck locked as they were playing again Saturday night. In a 4 hour span someone unloaded all 3 of the guitars he had, his effects pedal board, and some other equipment - all specific to guitar. So it was also more than likely someone who was at least watching and waiting for some time. The worst part was he had some Gibson copies made by Tokai, that were only really good guitars for certain years (obviously the year he purchased in) which he can't replace. But, his insurance did help him replace 2 of the 3 guitars.
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