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Now that macworld is over
Macworld isn't over. Well, I guess for YOU it is :) , but it appears to be running for another few days.

What I really need is fast storage. Is there a way to set up raid on an imac through firewire?
You can easily set up an external RAID via an iMac or indeed any current Mac offering (except the MacBook Air) via Firewire. If I'm not mistaken, some models of the iMac even have Firewire 800, so that would probably be the best choice short of a Mac Pro.

Now to a camera I am looking at this one as a way to get in to digital photography.
SP-550 UZ
It says that it shoots in RAW is this right?
Well, if they say it does, then it does. Why would they lie? :confused:

Looks like a very nice choice of camera btw. Dealcam has it listed starting at $280, but of course that would mean ordering it from the states so your actual price may vary.

Now to software I need editing software for this camera. What is the difference between Photoshop elements and Apertrue besides price?
Holy smokes. What's the difference between a tinkertoy building and a building? Same basic principle ... :)

Others with more experience in Aperture can comment on this more intelligently than I can, but Elements is for editing photos in a fairly rudimentary way, Aperture is less about editing and more about management, but even that's way to broad a description. Think "big knobs" for Elements and "fine controls" for Aperture. :)

BTW, iPhoto can handle RAW files just fine, thanks. I would probably start there, add Elements as you learn the ropes, and invest in "real" Photoshop and Aperture (or LightRoom) when you turn semi-pro or pro*

(if you're a pro photographer already, no offense meant. I'm referring to semi-pro or pro mastery over software and digital imagery rather than "master of the camera lens.")

I have the telus modem. Will a airport extreme base station do the same thing?
They do two different jobs. The modem converts the signal from Telus into computer-useful information. The airport broadcasts the modem's information wirelessly to multiple computers.

The mac. Do I need a lot of graphics power for photo editing?
Depends on the level of photo editing, I suppose, but any Mac should be able to handle it pretty easily (if you're going to be "living" in your photo-editing and managing apps, I would suggest an iMac or Mac Pro for the dedicated graphics cards and larger screens, or a MacBook Pro for the same reason in laptops).

I am thinking about the base 20 inch model imac with 4 GB of ram. Because Then I can get most of this for the same price as the 24 inch imac. Plus I can add another monitor later.
Good plan, but if you get the RAM from third-party sources (like CanadaRAM, nice fellow and ehMac member!), you'll save a bundle over having Apple put the RAM in for you. Adding RAM to any current Mac (except the mini and the forthcoming MacBook Air) is very easy and does not violate the warranty.

Would I be better to wait until santa rosa mac minis come out and pair that with a 28 inch LCD?
There will ALWAYS be the promise of new and better just on the horizon. My advice is to ignore what's coming (unless Macworld is less than a month away) and just buy the best thing you can when you need it.

EDIT: I should add that the future of the Mac mini is in some doubt. I probably wouldn't recommend them in your case anyway, because they do not have a real graphics card and you seem to be in a position where you'll want one. If you're planning to do more in digital photography/photo editing beyond "dabbling," I'd suggest an iMac or Mac Pro.

Is it safe to jailbreak a ipod touch? Will it void my my apple coverage and or future shop?
This is kind of up in the air NOW because the new iPod Touches will have the new 1.1.3 firmware on them and thus we don't yet know if they even CAN be jailbroken (yet).

Modifying the firmware/software in any way DOES violate Apple's coverage, but since jailbreaking can be "undone" it's considered a non-issue. As with anything unauthorised, jailbreaking carries some risk.

In my own personal opinion, the lure of jailbreaking fades with each passing day. A few months ago it was worth doing (particularly up here in Canada), but now the iPhone SDK is right around the corner (next month) and "legal" extra apps for the iPhone/Touch will follow VERY shortly thereafter. Steve announced today new "legal" apps for the Touch (to bring it to parity with the iPhone) for $20 (or free with a new one). If you jailbreak, you miss out on all that, so IMHO it's no longer worth it except as an experiment.

(Jailbreaking the iPhone as a step to unlocking it and using it here in Canada, on the other hand, is still a risky but necessary idea!)

I hope that answers your questions! Have fun!
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