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A Fair bit of Kijiji Fraud Going on here's an example

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Hi gmug,

Thank you for contacting Kijiji Canada Community Support.

We believe this ad is fraudulent. As such we have deleted it as well as banned
this user from the Kijiji community.

Again thanks for taking the time to send this to our attention.

Kijiji Canada
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Ad ID of the illegal or infringing Ad: 17444411
Reason for reporting Ad: here;s their email 2 me
Hi, First time i want to tell you that right now i`m in UK as i recently moved
here with my work. The product is bought from Canada. It`s sealed, in the
original box, with warranty.
Let me know and i will send you more details.

Thank you for contacting Kijiji Canada.

Your message has been received and will be reviewed by our team shortly.

If you are unable to find your ad on the site, your ad was randomly selected to be delayed for up to 24 hours before it appears on the site. To check if this is the case, enter your ad's id number in the search box found on Kijiji pages. If your ad shows up, then it has been delayed

We normally respond within 24 hours (often quicker than this) Monday to Friday. Over the weekend please allow approximately 48 hours for our reply.

In the mean time you can visit the following pages for answers to common questions:

FAQs Kijiji : À propos de Kijiji
Safety Tips Kijiji : À propos de Kijiji
Policies Kijiji : À propos de Kijiji

Thank you,
Kijiji Canada Community Support
Free Kijiji Canada Classifieds | Free Ads | Petites Annonces Gratuites

Apple MacPro 2.0 ghz Dual-Core Intel Xeon Computer ( $720.00 )
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To be honest, I replied to this very ad under the assumption that it was fraudulent. Had some time, and thought I'd give scammer-baiting a try. I didn't get very far though, as I asked if the receipt would be included and/or if the serial number could be sent to me for verification. Never heard back.
The whole "I'm out of the country but the product is with a {trusted person/warehouse/shipping company} just send the money to {this other person} and then {fictional process here} you get your product absolutely guaranteed." is a well known scam.

The name and address of the outfit that 'holds' the {nonexistent} goods will vary. Sometimes it is a freshly made fake website, sometimes it uses a legitimate freight company name (TNT Mailfast is one example) but promises escrow type services that the company does not offer.

Google among many others for exactly this same method

It's worth repeating. Do not respond to any local classified advertising from someone outside your local area. If they are not available to do a face to face transaction in a public location, then 99.9% they are a scam. There is NO reason for someone out of the country to be selling on your local Craigslist.

If you are looking at high end, desirable goods like Apple computers, and they are steeply discounted, it is a scam.

If the seller proposes a specific payment and shipping process to make the transaction safe, then it is a scam.

If the seller proposes escrow, then YOU get to choose the escrow service (and research first) never accept the seller's choice of escrow.

Lastly: Report them, don't bait them. You never know when the game will change from fraudulent selling to identity theft, harassment, email account/paypal account hijack, or something else. Why give someone you strongly suspect is a criminal, any contact with you at all?

The OPP/RCMP reporting address for phone mail and internet fraud for Canada is [email protected]
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Kijiji is a cesspool of scammers and ripoff artists. :ptptptptp
I use Kijiji. Sold a few comps on it and bought a few things. It's not bad if you stick with your local area. The toronto one is probably bad but the St. Catharines one is pretty good. But anyway..

The OPP/RCMP reporting address for phone mail and internet fraud for Canada is [email protected]
Do they even do anything? I was scammed a few years ago (the thread is probably on here still), but I never pursued any further action because I assumed it was just gonna be me giving the details of it and them giving me a "thanks, we'll look into it" or something like that.
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