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Hello all,
I have a MBP17 and I am now useing the Logitch S-530 Mac, keyboard and mouse,
And I find them very good for my needs except for the reason i really don't like the doggle thingy that is used for the receiver and also i have a Mac mini that i really dont mind useing the doggle.So i would much rath use it on the mac mini and get another mouse.
And really all I need for the MBP is a mouse, one that uses the internal bluetooth or some other,One that has buttons for forward & back.
Or perhaps there is a wifi version,
something that is mac compatable.

And second, when Apple replaced my MBP17 2.16 mhz 1 gb 120 gb for this newest model 2.33 mhz 2 gb 160 gb.
well when they replaced it they gave me new install disks for the new MBP and told me that the other install disk i have at home for the older model won't work so i have to use the new ones if i need to do a reinstall.
The question i am wishing to know is will the install disks of OSXfrom my other MBP install with no problem on my older mac mini? it is not an Intel
Thanks very much every one
Logitech makes a good Bluetooth mouse, but it doesn't have front/back buttons. There are no "wifi" mice, and I doubt there ever will be - the idea doesn't make sense. For wireless mice, you have two options - Bluetooth (without dongle) and RF (with dongle)

The Install discs that came with your MBP will NOT work in any other system, other than systems of the same model.
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