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There was recently an article written by Paul Boutin published Monday in Slate, “Flipping the Switch: Linux’s new popularity may hurt Apple more than Microsoft", which as you can imagine from the title is all about how the Mac is soon going to be third banana, behind both Windows and Linux. Oh, and it about 90% crap.

John Gruber rips it to shreds far better than I could.

Fact: Apple is in the business of selling computers. They do not sell operating systems. Their operating system is, without question, the main appeal of their computers, but that does not make them an operating systems company. Thus, Apple does not compete against “Linux”, which is neither a computer manufacturer, or a company, or even a product. Apple does compete against companies that sell computers running Linux, but somehow I doubt they’re overly concerned about $250 boxes from Wal-Mart. Analogies comparing the computer and automobile industries are overdone, but here goes anyway: Is the emergence of very low-cost Korean imports (Kia, Hyundai, etc.) a threat to BMW?

Anyone who has ever wanted to tell off someone for spouting unfounded crap about how the Mac suxors should read this, it is great.

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