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I've been lurking for a couple of weeks. Our house got rogers HiSpeed cable hook-up 2 months ago.I have been using the Dell box with it so far. Last Friday , I picked up a Netgear 614 router and 50 ft of Cat 5 cable to hook up my older 7100 Mac. ( router with the rebate isn't much more than the cable !!!)
The 7100 ethernet plug is almost the same as the Cat 5. It looks like I need an adapter. What do I ask for and where do I buy it ? (NW Toronto or mail-order)


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Hi David,

According to EveryMac.Com,

The 7100 did not have a standard RJ-45 Ethernet connector, but rather Apple's AAUI funky connector, which does indeed require an AAUI-RJ45 adapter, which costs about $35, if you can find one. The other plug that almost looks like an ethernet plug is your modem!

You might also want to boost the RAM and VRAM to their maximums (136mb and 2mb, respectively) and put at least OS 7.5.3 on it. It's only a 66mhz machine (or, if it's post-1995, 80mhz), but that's enough for email and... well... email ;)

Also visit Low End Mac for details on your model and other resources / advice:


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I have An AAUI -> 10-Base T (RJ-45) adapter, leftover from when I had an older Mac.

I just tested it and it works fine.

$25 cash, u can pick it up.

I live near Bloor and Islington in Toronto.

Let me know.

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