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Having feted the relatives and neighbours for their 50th and 60th anniversary my dad wants to go on a trip this June for the 70th.

He was thinking Cuba which might work tho I have some concerns.
( my daughter may go along so that makes things a bit less iffy ).

He's balking at the idea of a cruise ( hoping something right out of Montreal so I could drop them off ).
Might be convinced.

I was thinking train trip to east coast or west coast this time of year ( set for June ) would be fun.

Both can see okay at distance tho not very well up close.
Dad's very capable ( still drives etc ) - mum not.

Looking for ideas and in particular anyone that knows a bit about disabled travel on train or boat. Mum is walker bound and that only for short distances.

Dad's the original

94 - been on a plane once in his life and wants to hey ho off to Cuba :eek: ;)

Ideas welcome. TIA
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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