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This is pretty straightforward. Once you get the drive physically installed and correctly configured (master/slave/autoselect).
Launch Apple's Disk Utility; in this case you can use the one on your HD at Applications:Utilities. You could also run it from the MacOSX CD, where you find it in the menu bar.
(Running from the HD helps insure you don't accidently erase your startup volume).
Once Disk Utility is running, format the drive as HFS+ (Extended). This will go smoothly if it's a working, properly installed drive.

Depending on whether you want a single, large volume or want to break it up into smaller drives, select either the erase or partition tabs. Select a drive and format as "Mac OS Extended".

The drive should then be ready to use. You don't need to install/configure anything in OSX. Nor do you need to use the First Aid tab; the formatting will create a perfect copy of what DFA tries to patch if the disk needed any repair. Yours won't.
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