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Hi everyone,
Who would have thought a 3400$ iMac, purchased in March 2019, would be barely useable after 3 years.
Specs are 21.5" iMac with3.2 Ghz Intel 17, 4 GB Vega 20 card, 16 GBs ram.
Just prior to updating to Ventura the screen started ghosting: desktop icons would show through Safari and text would be highly pixelated.
Hoping this was a possible software issue I upgraded to Ventura but to no avail.
Add to this the inability to view purchased iTunes content via the Apple TV app or content from Prime, Disney or Apple+: the video goes black after 30 secs (audio is fine) and I get a HDCP error stating "this movie can only play on supported display". Apple support, back on 2020, assured me this wold be resolved in a new macOS update. Right.

so, I'll be calling Apple to get this fixed but wanted to ask if any fellow Quebeckers invoked the OPC's legal warranty to get their Mac fixed? The display will probably need changing.

Thanks for reading.

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I would suggest first and they will probably also is to wipe the machine, reinstall Ventura, but don’t transfer any time machine information. Keep it a clean install. Good luck.
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