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2013 27" iMac as external monitor for M1 Mac Mini - possible?

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I know this is a long shot because I could not find anything in a web search, but I shall ask it here anyway - exhaust all avenues so to speak.

So, since the iMac is dying (and Apple says they will not look at any machine before 2015 and they suggested I buy a new Mac), I was wondering if I could use this as a display for a new Mac mini M1 I am looking at buying.

1. I get a proper and excellent IPS display at a high enough resolution
2. I save a ****load of money by not buying a new monitor (4K or otherwise) because I read that none of them equals the display quality of the iMac.

1. I see none
2. See 1.

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Personally, I wouldn't bother even if you could as that monitor is old and tired and considering it's what you look at while you use the computer you could get something a hell of a lot better without spending an awful lot of money, and there has been a lot of advances and improvements in modern monitor design and manufacture.

Don't put unnecessary strain on your poor old eyeballs!!! ;) ;)

- Patrick
Actually for something that equals the iMac display it is not at all cheap. Anything that's affordable is merely decent, and does not come near this old iMac's display.
Well, it seems that the 2013 iMac cannot be used as a Target display, but it also seems that somehow being able to find other methods to do the same thing, so you might want to have a look at some of these hits:

And check out these:

PS: how much would it cost to have someone install a replacement hard drive, maybe preferably a solid state drive SSD in your existing iMac. I would think it would cost less than a new monitor or any such work around plus the fact that you still have to buy the mini.

Just my two bits thoughts and ramblings...

- Patrick
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