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Edit: no long for sale.

posted this on the usual classifieds sites - but here it is again anyway.

In good shape, i've seen these listed at 550-650. Mine isn't in good cosmetic shape, so it's discounted. $360 obo.

The Bad:
A battered and well-worn beast of a macbook pro!
There are dings, the hinge isn't perfect, and the keyboard top has mild separation from the chassis. pics show the gap.
The "S" key has been replaced with a tilde key.
The screen has no dead pixels that I can see but there are a couple of weird marks - only really noticeable when screen is on full brightness - looks like two equidistant fingerprint marks.
The keyboard requires effort for some keys.
No idea if the DVD works as i've never tried to use it.
just so there's no confusion, this thing is VERY COSMETICALLY POOR.

The Good:
Matte screen
Magsafe, FW, USB2.0 all work no problems, as does the audio-out.
DVI out works like a charm as a 2nd monitor or main if you close the lid.
4gigs ram

other than the regular specs, this 2.16 intel core2duo laptop has a 500gig drive from a 2012 MBP 5400rpm
1440x900 display

Battery is new(er) - health around 84% with 180 cycles used (300-400 is average before battery life becomes really poor). I get about 2-4 hours of surfing, but less when playing video.

Running Lion 10.7.5

This machine has been a BEAST for me, but i've upgraded to a newer machine.

some pics here:
2007 Macbook Pro 15.4" - City of Toronto Computers For Sale - Kijiji City of Toronto Canada.

listed high on the other sites. price is very flexible. if you're interested, shoot me a PM.

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shooting for $280...ish. it works fine, but it is admittedly in poor looking shape.
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