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$190 G4 iBook's

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I stumbled across this little article about a school that has been trying to sell their used Mac's. G4 iBooks for $190, eMacs for $165, desktops for $150. Only catch is they cannot mail to international addresses, including Canada ( I emailed them).

The Hays Daily News

And don't worry about emailing them about getting a computer. They sold out yesterday.



ps. And for the grammar police. I know I shouldn't have used an apostrophe.
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hmmm.. so what's the point of this thread?

some school was selling macs at rediculous low prices, in a far far away place that wouldn't ship and even if they did they're already sold out.... :yawn:
Man, that would have made a great backup.
Count me in for 10 iBooks!!!!

Wait......THEY'RE ALL SOLD OUT!!!!


Just digging up an old post because I saw one of these iBooks last night. My buddy bought one after I asked him if I could use his US mailing address. He bought one of the last ones! It was a bit rough (battery wasn't flush, screen doesn't stay up very well, scratched up) but the price was right. Only thing was they left the firmware password on it so it took a bit of finger dancing getting it to reset. Now he's in the process of getting some more RAM in it as it came with 512.

Another Mac convert notch on my belt.

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