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hey all,

Is there any way for me to connect a 17 inch cinema display to my macbook?

If so what do i need to do it? i tried searching here, and goggle but have had no luck. im going to keep looking, but my friends wanting to get it out of his studio since he has a 30 inch in there now.

i thought since he wants me to have it, if i can use it with my macbook in my home studio i would like to use it.



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Well first of all, that would likely be a 17" Apple Studio Display - Apple changed the name when they created the Apple Cinema Displays in Aluminum (I assume it's got a white bevel with clear plastic around). He didn't by chance give you a DVI to ADC converter with it, because otherwise it won't be much of a gift.

The Macbook has a mini-DVI port, so first you would need a Mini-DVI to DVI cable/converter. Then you'll need the DVI to ADC converter/adapter I mentioned as the 17" Apple Studio Display has Apple's proprietary ADC port. A DVI to ADC converter/adapter costs over $100.00 new. The mini-DVI to DVI cable is cheap, about $20 from Apple or an Apple retailer.
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