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Hi everyone,

I am selling my lightly used MacBook with 205 charge cycles! It is the last of the unibody MacBook non-retinas and is the high end model with a 2.60ghz QUAD CORE cpu and 1GB Nvidia GT 650M.


1680x1050 15.4 Matte/AntiGlare Display (rare!)
8GB RAM 1600 MHZ
USB 3.0, SD CARD SLOT, MINISDISPLAY Port, Thunderbolt, DVD Super Drive
Quad Core i7 2.60GHZ Processor
1GB Nvidia GT 650M GPU
Original box with magsafe adapter and manual included!

The condition is 8/10 with some hard to see Knicks etc. There is also a light smudge on the screen but is not a big issue.

The 750gb SSD cost me $350 alone and is fairly new with 100% health!

Original boxes include. I will also include 2TB Apple Time Capsule if asking price is met!

PRICE: $1400 CAD.


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